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10/1/13 by MissVirus

hey guys, how are y'all doin? well, i'm great
i'm actually working on a new version of my "Grabbag" so, tell me if you want that


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I was so angry faic because I was told to go to said trip in such short notice. Plus my laptop's broken, and it's raining a lot as of recently, having finals in less than a know, all the fun stuff.



WAZAAAAp to you too.
I'm feeling a bit angry (I always do, to be fair), and really tired after a 6 hour trip (3 hours to get there and another 3 to get back).


10/10/13 MissVirus responds:

that's cool.... tell me, why are you so angry faic?



Great! Awesome! Fresh and fantastic, got rid of my last zit, I'm sitting here laughing, speakers blasting like I'm past wit! Well not really but anytime I can rhyme I must be in a good mood. :) Audio? Why not!

10/10/13 MissVirus responds:

cool... trolol zit!!!!! imma koopa!!!! good 4 you man... i like to see you happy